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Del Vals Advocate
Richard del Val -
Vocals, 12 & 6 string acoustic/electric,
and 6 string electric guitars, percussion, composing, lyrics
Rob with 7 string guitar
Rob - Vocals, 6 & 7 string acoustic/electric, 7 string electric guitars, 5 string bass, keyboards, percussion, flute, composing, lyrics
Audio Advocate
Progressive Rock, Acoustic Rock, And Frantic Dance Grooves
Audio Advocate is a collaberation between Audio Weapon and
del Val's Advocate. This music has killer dance grooves and lyrical stories fused with classic progrock conceptual adventures and musical scores.

Even though they've never met in person they are molded from the same light shining through an audio prism, just a different color on the same spectrum. Richard lives on the warm sunny beaches of northwest Florida while Rob resides in the cold dark foresaken snowy mountain forests of central New Hampshire, completely opposite poles on the same magnet. The distance does not matter because they sync together as if on the same stage for years playing live sounds. From epic story concepts, dance grooves, and humorus lyricing, this is a very, very unique pairing not to be found anywhere.

The instrumentation used in thier music is rather unique. In a world of six strings they use 12 string acoustic tuned every way possible and 7 string acoustic and electric tuned traditional. They have been known to use 6 string guitars too but only on special occassions and then Rob will only use one if it's tuned to drop D. Then when you add in 5 string bass, and keyboards the sum is a full and powerful sonic mass of fun!

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