Rob with guitars
ROBERT S. - 7 & 6 string acoustic/elec guitars, 7 string electric guitar, 5 string bass, keyboards & synths, percussion, midi foot synth controller, and vocals
Electronic Ambient Chillout Downtempo, Synthestral Music & SFX
Electron Planet's music is a spiritual adventure of motivation in electronic Ambient, Down-Beat, Synthestral, and Chill-Out music. Here's where you'll find instrumental journeys of ambient relaxation, thoughtful meditation, and uplifting feelings of optimism.

 All the music is woven together with wonderful grooves of acoustic and electronic percussion. Some pieces have the addition of electric and acoustic guitars to create another plain of existence in your imagination. These songs will take your soul on a colorful journey producing feelings of well being and comfort along with dreams of fantastic wonders that lie ahead. Excitement and love of life shines bright here on Electron Planet.

 Electron Planet's songs are so well done and enjoyable. The use of space, time, and instrumentation is outstanding with excellent sound quality and mixing. You will grasp a happy feeling and really run with it here. You can expect to embark on a bright journey when you're listening to Electron Planet's music.

  With beautiful ambient textures in violin, piano, horns, choir, and flute acoustic instruments, epic and whimsical orchestal arrangments, and uplifting arpeggios with electronic synthesizers you will explore a new universe in sound. Perfect for corporate, commercial, motivational, video or audio soundbeds, voiceovers, soundtracks, and retail background music applications.

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