Summer is here but fleeing fast. A time for fast plant growth in the gardens. Many hours spent cutting, transporting, splitting, and stacking of wood in preparation for the short icy cold days of winter. This house lot is 580,000 sq ft of mixed hardwood and conifers. A garden of trees to heat the house. It's hard work but honest and actually very fun! Here there's no such thing as an oil delivery, air conditioners, cable or network TV for that matter. For this I am thankful No umbilical cord plugged into mass media programing. This is also the time of the year where the tourists and vacationers invade with their peculiar behaviors. Ahh, summer in the mountains and on the lakes of NH! To chance see a bull moose or black bear wandering through the yard, the coyotes screaming in the darkness, and to actually be able to see the thousands of stars all to often eradicated by the night lights of urban areas. Remember what the Milky Way looks like on a moonless night? The sound of no vehicle traffic? The call of a whiporwill in the lonely still hours of the night? No street lights to pollute the opaque darkness on a blind cloud covered sky?

Soon the nights will be cooling and jackets will come out in preperations for colors, smells, and weather of Autumn which is my personal favorite season here in Northern New England. The nights are now starting to get cool signaling the next season, There are even signs of the foliage changes. A maple trees in my yard has a bit of the red foliage of Autumn and the late Summer flowers are in bloom. It won't be long now! Stay tuned for foliage season in NH. If you are curious what it's like, look at my Northern New England landscape folder as it has some nice examples of foliage colors.

Labor Day has come and gone along with the transient visitors and temporary summer residents. Now things will quiet down. I was astounded a few weeks ago when I had to stop at the end of my driveway to wait for traffic? Even though I live on a National Geographic designated Scenic Highway, traffic is sparse at most times to say the least..... I have been know to sit in the middle of the street at night not at all worried about being run over! lol Although we saw the effects of the remnants of Hurricane Irene right here it was a non-event. 20 miles north in Crawford Notch and west on the Kancamaugus Highway through the National Forest it was very different.... The heavy rains turned the lazy rivers into ferocious torrents that washed out roads, bridges, and flooded a few communities with destruction.

Nov is here and we have already had a major snowstorm! Strange to see the Autumn foliage in a snowcover. Strange indeed, It is the first time in ten10 years I have lived here in northern NH this has happened? Maybe this will be the winter that the new ice age will begin..... The real funny thing about this is I had to drive home from a gig at 3AM while this storm was in full glory. How many of you know what it's like to drive at night on a very isolated strech of interstate highway in a blizzard? Interesting experience to say the least!

_______________________________________________ RANDOM THOUGHTS ON MUSIC
Music is music. Whether recorded on a $10 michrophone or in a
multi-million dollar studio by some hot shot sound monkey.
Just image all the resources that go into producing all the
big "HITS" just to have millions listening on a speaker the
size of an ants hind quarters.

Music is music. Whether it's accompanied by lyrics or not.
Melodic storytelling (singing) is an adventure for the listener
to follow. A setting for a mood, interesting, the center of
attention for a piece of music, and an easy way to be led along.
Instrumental music, even if it's done with a human voice, can speak
thoughts and feelings without words and the listener interprets their own
mood or story that's being told using their own imagination and
creativity instead of being led along. Even though the spoken word is
the single most important sound humans attune to, (except maybe the sound of the car that's about to hit you but unfortunately you can't hear because of the peanut speakers in your ears) how long could you listen to a capella all the time before you go crazy.

Respect artists that compose and perform even if you don't care
for that particular style. A lot of time, creativity, and hard work go into producing music and contrary to popular beliefs music is not free. It has a price paid by the lifetimes of devotion and perseverance. Support your favorite independent artist, even a little means a lot to them!


When I was travelin across this vast land
There came a man in a big red van
He looked kind of scruffy he looked kind of ill
Looked kind of drunk like he was ready to kill
Harry was his name and from the town of Easton he came
Pulled right on over hopped out of the van
Looked kind of dirty almost tanned
Said "I'm on a mission I can not fail
Got to find a cat with a clothespined tail"
Got to find a cat with a clothespinned tail?
Got to find a cat with a clothespinned tail! Yea!
Harry had to find a cat but he had one growing on his back
He said "A prism of light is something that you see
A labrynth of darkness a seperate entity
The reality of life is in your eye
The balance of existence is bright in the sky"
Harry what did you say?
Then he sad that he had to leave
So he pulled out a clothespin from up his sleeve
Put it on the tail of the cat on his back
Jumped in the van said "Later Jack"
Harry was his name and from the town of Easton he came
Harry was his name a legend he became
The Magic Ankle was his name
And he didn't want any fame
The Magic Ankle was his name
And he just didn't want to take the blame
Buff it up!
So if your travelin across this vast land
And you see a man in a big red van
Don't you be worried and don't be afraid
The legend of Harry will never fade
Harry was his name from the town of Easton he came
Harry was his name and a legend he became
A legend he became
from the town of Easton he reigns
Yes, a legend he became


Once I went to climb a mountain
It was rising into the sky
But when the final step had ended
I said goodbye to the setting sun
Lost in the woods
and you can't find the trail
It's like living in the brush
and you haven't got a tail
When the sun leaves the day
you know it's hard to find your way
Look to the west to know what's best
Well put them in your sack and
Fly to the sky
If only we could try
oh not cry
for the loss of our innocense
missing on the trail
Look here comes the dawn
And with it it brings a song
And once in the warm light of morning
Who cares who's wrong


The fruit of life floats on a stream
and the light shines down in an everlasting beam
But the rain falls down on the dark side of town
A clear sky is blue With pastel hues
Felling very special Living life with a view
Now was it something given
Or was it something new
Was it something to believe in
Or is it something true
You're living in a perfect little pretty world
Where everything is always nice and clean
But life isn't so pretty
When you're living from day to day
So you get someone to change it
In their all so special way Ya do the dance
And as the race is run
And when you think that it's done
For you you know it's only just begun
We must rescue the demons from your dreams
As you peel back the darkness and try to be redeemed
Escape through the doorway from hence you came
Not leaving life unfulfilled
Oh don't you play that silly game
No light shines from the dreams of your youth
It couldn't stand the test of time and truth
But it only took a little lust to grab all you got
And it doesn't make a lot of
Difference whether I like it or not
Do you ever think about the things that you knew
Or wonder what it's like to see
A pair of suns rise in view
Well life is worth living if not for in just itself
And It doesn't really matter if you
Surround yourself with wealth hey
But still you tuck it away in a word it has to stay
For tomorrow there come another day
And as the race is run
And when you think that it's done
For you you know it's only just begun
And as the race is run And when a new day has begun
So the song of you're living will have rung Yea
LYRICS BY AUDIO WEAPON _______________________________________________

Rob with 5 string bass
Music is a doorway continually opening into a
new dimemnsion. A new pathway to follow in space
never occupied by that dimension before.