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Audio Weapon is modern progressive rock and electronica played with extended range guitars and synths by a solo artist. A journey back into the lost world of classic progressive rock. All production, composing, and instrument performance by a solo artist producing a truthful personal vision of an individuals pieces of music. The use of extended range guitars add to the unique, mysterious, and unusual sound along with seldom used time signatures, structures, and instrument configurations. The lyrical stories speak to the intellect within a very interesting and melodic musical performance.

A complete solo undertaking on every level and not corrupted by desires of mainstream acceptance, uninfluenced by trying to fit into a specific genre. Composing to his tastes and not that of duplication of popular trends. A veteran of countless live performances with original and cover bands on the North Eastern US. His music is a unique blend of classic progrock, metal, and electronic showing a versatility and consolidation of composing direction. From wild ride instrumentals to thoughtful intelligent lyrics to unusual and seldom used time signatures and instrument configurations this is one unusual music experience.

Robert S. is known as Audio Weapon (lyrical prog rock, and some heavy hitting instrumentals), Electron Planet (electronic soundtracks, soundscapes, orchestral, and SFX), Audio Advocate (progrock and hot dance grooves), and as Alloy Dream (psychedelic metal), producing classic and modern progressive rock, metal, folk rock, electronic and synthestral music. His sounds include elements of chill, ambient, techno, rock, and metal that can be relaxing, meditative, imaginative and surprising. He composes with keyboards & synths, to include Roland PK 5A Dynamic MIDI Foot Pedals, percussion, flute, vocals, 7 & 6 string acoustic and electric guitars, and 5 string bass.

Audio Weapon is available for solo live performances with a mixture of cover and original music. It's not just your usual solo performance. Rob will sing, play 7-guitar electric guitar, and accompany himself on MIDI foot pedals with a wide range of instruments. With the addition of orchestral strings, violin, flute, choir, bass, and percussion it is not often you can see and hear this much music come from one person and it's something you won't forget!
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ROBERT S. - 7 & 6 string acoustic/elec guitars, 7 string electric guitar, 5 string bass, keyboards & synths, percussion, midi foot synth controller, and vocals