Rob with 7 string guitar
Riding the wind into Valhalla The song of the Valkarie calls us to battle Never to be taken alive glory in death Raise your sword in salute the livings last breath Son of Odin's hammer will fall The power of the gods will hear the call Broken shields shattered on the field The power of Mjolnir mighty Thor wields The ships borne swiftly on dark sea foam The call of the Valkarie will take me home Son of Odin's hammer will fall The power of the gods will Thunder and lightning hallowed it falls Beckon us into Valhalla’s halls
It was high noon nothing seemed right the sky still held the moon the streets empty like night a woman was coming out of a door a woman with child never saw her before Well maybe once, it was a while. She said, Hey remember me? Then she looked kinda mad I wonder who could she be and she mumbled something about a Dad. I looked at the child about three foot three looked like the woman from what I could see She said, He is what you were and you are what he will be. I thought to myself no this couldn't be That night in Reno, she mutters. and now I can see. I start to stutter but the boy he was me.
ALLOY DREAM Psychedelica Metal Music
Alloy Dream is a collaberation of two members. First there is the electronic artist Rybird and second is Rob known as the progressive rock artist Audio Weapon and the electronic artist Electron Planet. Both are well established and undeniably accomplished individuals in their own right but melded together they create an unusual combination. With the incorporation of classic progressive rock, metal, electronica, and using the modern instrumentation of extended range guitars and synthesizers they have developed a unique musical styling truly onto themselves. Within these musical pieces are created abstract adventures with steps leading along to new places rather that being led along in a continual circle of repeating parts. Familiar, strange, new, and back to the familiar again. This music is like a road trip where you go in a loop and arrive back at home again without traveling on the same road twice like a dancer that doesn't repeat, continuously exploring, and finding new abilities never know to exist before.

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